"A searchable new database of law-related mobile apps helps shoppers find useful programs quickly by subject, state or operating platform."

From the review: "Searching for Legal Apps: New Database Points to 850-Plus Mobile Applications" by Daniel E. Harmon, Editor, The Lawyer's PC, vol. 28, no. 14, April 15, 2011

"... if you want to explore what's available or discover new apps, the general search sites do not make it easy. The benefit of the Mobile Apps for Law site is that someone else is doing the hunting and gathering for you. That makes it a useful way to discover new apps."

From the review: "New Site Provides Database of Mobile Apps for Law" at Robert Ambrogi's LawSites http://www.lawsitesblog.com/2011/03/new-site-provides-database-of-mobile-apps-for-law.html

"Thanks to Arlene for providing some insight into the current configuration of the legal app landscape."

From the review: "Mobile Apps for Law: Who knew there are over 800?" at http://deweybstrategic.blogspot.com/2011/03/mobile-apps-for-law-who-knew-there-are.html

"If you are looking for one place to get a lot of info with direct, easy links, this is a good resource."

From the review: "Mobile Apps for Law - A New Searchable Database for Legal Professionals" at http://trial-technology.blogspot.com/2011/01/mobile-apps-for-law-new-searchable.html

"In case you thought that librarians were extinct, and no longer had a function, I give you Arlene Eis, who publishes the Mobile Apps For Law site, and which catalogues over 900 mobile apps that lawyers will find useful. Naturally, the iPhone and iPad apps dominate; but, there are over 90 Android apps that the Android using lawyer will find helpful...The strength of the site is that you can tailor your search by device, or by area of law..."

From the review: "Mobile Apps for Law -It Takes A Librarian" at http://futurelawyer.typepad.com/futurelawyer/2012/04/mobile-apps-for-law-it-takes-a-librarian.html




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