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  Assisting College
  Military Veterans in
  Academic Libraries

Featured Library

  Melbourne Athenaeum

Featured Book

  Development: An

A Bit of Bytes

  Online Collaboration:
  Tips and Tools for
  Working on a Virtual

Featured Articles

  An Integrated Risk
  Measuring the Success
  of Organizational
  Knowledge Protection

  Assessing the Value
  of ILL to our Users:
  A Comparative Study
  of Three US libraries

  Compliance of Section
  508 in Public Library
  Systems With the
  Largest Percentage of

  Delivering Virtual
  Reference Services on
  the Web: An
  Investigation into
  the Current Practice
  by Academic Libraries

  Digital Technologies
  for a Quality School:
  A Didactical
  Experience Supported
  by Web Forum

  Free Sources for
  Patent Searching: A

  Full-text Patent
  Searching on Free
  Websites: Tools, Tips
  and Tricks

  Heeding the Signals:
  Applying Web Best
  Practices When Google

  How Can Libraries and
  Other Academic
  Stakeholders Engage
  in Making Data Open?

  Islandora: An Open
  Source Digital
  Repository Solution

  Librarians as
  Publishers: Easy to
  Create, Hard to Find

  Management: A Case
  Study of Quality
  Control and Weeding
  E-Books in an
  Academic Library

  Sustainable Decision
  Making for Emerging
  Technologies in

  Teaching Case of
  Gamification and
  Visual Technologies
  for Education

  Semantic Web: A
  Conceptual Model

  University Presses in
  the Twenty-first
  Century: The
  Potential Impact of
  Big Data and
  Predictive Analytics
  on Scholarly Book

  Who Do You Know? A
  Study of
  Connectedness in
  Online Education and

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