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  Hold It! Improving
  Access to Collections
  with an Online Holds

Featured Library

  Howard & Howard
  Attorneys PLLC

Featured Book

  Personal Archiving:
  Preserving Our
  Digital Heritage

A Bit of Bytes

  Virtual Reality
  Headsets - All Fizzle
  and No Pop?

Featured Articles

  Legitimation, or
  Record: Towards a New
  Tripartite Typology
  of Academic Journals

  “Big Deal” Journal
  Packages: Are They
  Worth the Cost?

  The Effectiveness of
  Online Versus
  In-person Library
  Instruction on
  Finding Empirical

  Envisioning the
  Academic Library: A
  Reflection on Roles,
  Relevancy and

  Examining the
  Transfer of Academic
  Knowledge to Business
  Doctoral Program
  Graduates as

  How Important is
  Computing Technology
  for Library and
  Information Science

  Implementation of
  Service Learning and
  Civic Engagement for
  Computer Information
  Systems Students
  Through a Course
  Project at the
  Hashemite University

  Knowledge Retention
  and Transfer: How
  Libraries Manage
  Employees Leaving and

  Metadata Usage in
  Serbia: Describing
  Paper and Digital

  Reflections on the
  Value and Impact of
  Library and
  Information Services.

  Research Data
  Management and
  Libraries: Current
  Activities and Future

  Information Needs in
  the Bibliographic
  Database: A
  Literature Review

  Selection Strategies
  for Strategic Library

  Virtual Information
  Training for a Global

  What to Look for When
  Information Products

  Why Do Students Use
  What’s App? – An
  Exploratory Study

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