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  Five Years After RDA

Featured Library

  Federal University
  (FUNAI) Library

Featured Book

  Reference: How
  Libraries Deliver
  Value in the Age of

A Bit of Bytes

  The Open Environment

Featured Articles

  Academic Libraries
  and the Economics of
  Scholarly Publishing
  in the Twenty-First
  Century: Portfolio
  Theory, Product
  Economic Rent,
  Perfect Price
  Discrimination, and
  the Cost of Prestige

  An Analysis of
  Teachers' Processes
  of Technology
  Appropriation in

  Books, Bytes, and
  Buildings: The
  Academic Library's
  Unique Role in
  Improving Student

  Caught in the Middle:
  Scholars, Publishers,
  Librarians and
  Revolutions Today and

  Developing and
  Implementing 3D
  Printing Services in
  an Academic Library

  Every Reader His Book
  – Every Book Its
  Reader? Notions on
  Readers’ Advisory and
  Audience Development
  in Danish Public

  Factors Impacting
  Library Visibility on
  Academic Institution
  Home Pages

  Knowledge Adoption:
  The Influential
  Factors in the

  The Negative
  Implications of
  Industry Dynamism on

  Nudges and Decision
  Making: A Winning

  Perceptions of
  Students Working as
  Library Reference
  Assistants at a
  University Library

  The Reality of
  Privacy on the Web

  School Library
  Advocacy Literature
  in the United States:
  An Exploratory
  Content Analysis

  Searching Beyond Our
  Comfort Zone

  There and Back Again:
  Is There a Need for
  GLAM Education?

  Training Librarians
  as Qualitative
  Developing Skills and

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