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  Back to the Future:
  From Book Warehouses
  to Library Learning

Featured Library

  National Library of

Featured Book

  Deep Text

A Bit of Bytes

  Gaming Part 2:
  Digital Badges

Featured Articles

  A Contingency
  Approach to Knowledge
  Management: Finding
  the Best Fit

  Data Science Programs
  in U.S. Higher
  Education: An
  Exploratory Content
  Analysis of Program
  Curriculum Structure,
  and Course Focus

  Distinctive Services
  in Academic

  The Fed Tells All

  From Passenger to
  Pilot – Taking the
  Lead and Building a
  Business Critical
  Management Strategy

  A Hybrid Model for
  Emotion Detection
  from Text

  Impact of Social
  Networking Sites on
  Student Academic
  Performance: The Case
  of University of

  Neither Beg, Borrow,
  Nor Steal: Purchasing
  Interlibrary Loan
  Requests at an
  Academic Library

  Evaluation as a Tool
  for Strategic
  Decisions About
  Serving Visually
  Impaired Users: The
  Case of the
  Lithuanian Library
  for the Blind

  Pop-Up Library at the
  University of
  Birmingham: Extending
  the Reach of an
  Academic Library by
  Taking “The Library”
  to the Students

  Redeploying Public
  Librarians to the
  Front Lines:
  Prioritizing Digital

  Research Data
  Management in the Age
  of Big Data: Roles
  and Opportunities for

  Rethinking Customer
  Service Training: A
  Curricular Solution
  to a Familiar Problem

  The School Librarian
  as Motivational Agent
  and Strategist for
  Reading Appreciation

  Teaching Publishing
  as Information
  Technology: A
  Description of a
  Structural Editing
  Curriculum at a South
  African University

  Using Infographics to
  Report Research

  The Votes Are In: A
  Process for Selecting
  Reference Books and
  Managing the
  Reference Budget

  What Academic Library
  Leadership Lacks:
  Leadership Skills
  Directors Are Least
  Likely to Develop,
  and Which Positions
  Offer Development

  When to Say When:
  Using Big Data to
  Support Mobile

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