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  A Library of Peace in

Featured Library

  Pence Law Library,
  American University

Featured Book

  The Purpose-Based
  Library: Finding Your
  Path to Survival,
  Success, and Growth

A Bit of Bytes

  On the Silver Screen:
  Movie Making in

Featured Articles

  Analysis of
  Competencies, Job
  Satisfaction and
  Commitment as
  Indicators of Job
  Performance: A
  Conceptual Framework

  Big Changes Needed:
  Where to Find the

  The Challenges Facing
  Public Libraries in
  the Big Society: The
  Role of Volunteers,
  and the Issues That
  Surround Their Use in

  Defining Information
  Policy: Relating
  Issues to the
  Information Cycle

  Fines, Fees and
  Funding: Makerspaces
  Standing Apart

  Individual Variables
  with an Impact on
  Sharing: the Critical
  Role of Employees’

  The Influence of
  Characteristics on
  Knowledge Sharing
  Practices, Enablers,
  and Barriers in a
  Project Management

  Information Anorexia:
  Starving for

  The Information Gap
  amongst the
  Generations and the
  Implications for

  Information Wants
  Someone Else to Pay
  For It: Laws of
  Information Economics
  and Scholarly

  Minding the Gap:
  eBook Package

  Perceived Outcomes of
  Public Libraries in
  the U.S.
  Perceived outcomes of
  public libraries in
  the U.S.

  Virtuously: Morals
  Matter in Building
  Better Books

  The Role of the
  Library in Fostering
  Research Skills

  Secrets of Successful

  The Use of
  Paraprofessionals in
  Electronic Resources
  Management: Results
  of a Survey

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