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  Moderating Stress
  During Exam Periods:
  One Academic
  Library’s Experience

Featured Library

  Penfield Library,
  State University of
  New York at Oswego

Featured Book

  The Library
  Innovation Toolkit:
  Ideas, Strategies,
  and Programs

A Bit of Bytes


Featured Articles

  Calculating Value: A
  Digital Library’s
  Social Media Campaign

  Experiences of Public
  Library CEOs: A Study
  Exploring the Roles
  of Interpersonal
  Influence and
  Evidence in Everyday

  Developing Your
  Career in Information

  An Exploratory Study
  on Perceptions and
  Use of Technology by
  Novice and Future
  Teachers: More
  Information and Less

  Leadership Social
  Power as a Component
  of KMS Success

  Mapping 21st Century
  Skills: Investigating
  the Curriculum
  Preparing Teachers
  and Librarians

  New Perspectives on
  Personalised Search
  Results: Expertise

  Peer Review – A
  Publisher Value-add?
  Or Essential to the
  Communication System?

  Personal Activity
  Trackers and the
  Quantified Self

  Personal Knowledge
  Management in
  Outreach and

  Privacy and the
  Problem of

  Public Library
  Supervisors: A Survey
  of Activities,
  Assessment, and

  The Research
  Contributions of
  Editorial Board
  Members in Library
  and Information

  12 Tips for Better
  Writing for the
  Mobile Web

  Tolerating Ambiguity:
  Leadership Lessons
  from Off-Road

  Under the Microscope:
  Looking at Libraries
  and Online

  Using Open Records
  Laws for Research

  What to Make of
  Makerspaces: Tools
  and DIY Only or is
  There an
  Information Resources

  Yes Virginia, It Will
  Scale: Using Data to
  High-volume Reference

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