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  Library Changes and
  Student Solutions

Featured Library

  Parrish Library,
  Purdue University

Featured Book

  The Accidental Data
  Scientist: Big Data
  Applications and
  Opportunities for
  Librarians and

A Bit of Bytes

  Happy New Year!
  Techie Resolutions
  for 2015

Featured Articles

  Considering RFID?
  Consider This

  Defining User Risk in
  Social Networking

  Acquisition and the
  Sunk Cost Model

  Exploring the Effect
  of Knowledge Transfer
  Practices on User
  Compliance to IS
  Security Practices

  From Book Publishers
  to Authors:
  Transparency in Web

  From Good to Great
  Managers: The Case
  for a Structured
  Continuing Education
  Program in Library

  A Holistic View of
  Big Data

  Information Literacy
  Among Undergraduate
  Students in Nigeria

  Learning to Read and
  Reading to Learn

  Promoting the Library
  Through the
  Development Policy: A
  Case Study

  Reflective Course
  Construction: An
  Analysis of Student
  Feedback and Its Role
  in Curricular Design

  The Social
  Enterprise: Where
  Does the Information
  Professional Fit?

  Stealing the
  Limelight? Examining
  the Relationship
  Between New
  Librarians and Their

  A Systematic
  Literature Review
  Informing Library and
  Emerging Roles

  Tutorials on Google
  Analytics: How to
  Craft a Web Analytics
  Report for a Library
  Web Site

  What Do Academic
  Libraries Tweet
  About, and What Makes
  a Library Tweet

  Why Undergraduate
  Students Choose to
  Use e-Books

  Working Together More
  Towards Open Access

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