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  Evolving Needs for
  Evolving Libraries

Featured Library

  Stay tuned for our
  next profile

Featured Book

  Strategic Human
  Resource Planning for
  Academic Libraries

A Bit of Bytes

  Bleep, Blop, Bloop -
  Trends in Tech

Featured Articles

  Borrowing Tools From
  the Public Library

  Case in Point: How to
  Make a MOOC

  Cloud-Learning: A New
  System for Inclusive,
  Networked Learning

  Curating and
  Accessing Off-Site
  Special Collections:
  Area Studies
  Materials and
  High-Density Storage

  Do-It-Yourself Data
  and Tools Courtesy of
  the Government

  Embedding Library and
  Management Techniques
  into Business
  Processes: A Case

  Learning, Unlearning
  and Relearning -
  Knowledge Life Cycles
  in Library and
  Information Science

  The Librarian 2.0:
  Identifying a
  Typology of
  Librarians’ Social
  Media Literacy

  Library Spaces in the
  21st Century­Meeting
  the Challenges of
  User Needs for
  Technology, and

  Mobile Wellness
  Behavior by College
  Exploratory Study

  A Quick, Accurate,
  and Free-of-Cost
  Inventory and

  Library Technology
  Support on Campus
  -Wilson Library’s

  Redefining Virtual:
  Leveraging Mobile
  Librarians for SMS

  Today’s College
  Students: Skimmers,
  Scanners and

  Use of Social
  Networking Sites
  Among Chinese and
  American Researchers:
  A Comparative Study

  What do You Give the
  Researcher who has
  Everything? An
  Academic Librarian

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