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  Thinking: 15
  Strategies for
  Developing Your
  Leadership Skills

Featured Library

  The Wittliff
  Collections, Albert
  B. Alkek Library,
  Texas State

Featured Book

  Digital Photo Magic:
  Easy Image Retouching
  and Restoration for
  Archivists, and

A Bit of Bytes


Featured Articles

  Librarians, and

  Blogging: An Old
  Format Going Strong

  Institutional Goals:
  Academic Libraries
  Supporting Graduate
  Women in STEM

  Conversations with
  Web Site Users: Using
  Focus Groups to Open
  Discussion and
  Improve User

  Hopes and Sighs: The
  Swiss Cooperative
  Storage Facility

  How Much Are PhD
  Students Publishing
  before Graduation?:
  An Examination of
  Four Social Science

  How Public Library
  Users Perceive the
  Professional: Is the
  Image Transforming?

  Impediments to
  Digital Fabrication
  in Education: A Study
  of Teachers' Role in
  Digital Fabrication

  Information Security
   The People Issue

  The Intentional Data
  Scientist: Three Ways
  to Get Started

  Internet Use and
  Engaging Citizenship
  Norms Through Online

  Is There a Need for
  Change in Scientific
  Communication and Can
  Open Access Take on
  This Role?

  Mindful Makers:
  Question Prompts to
  Help Guide Young
  Peoples' Critical
  Technical Practices
  in Maker Spaces in
  Libraries, Museums,
  and Community-Based
  Youth Organizations

  Promotion of
  Electronic Resources
  in Academic Libraries
  on a Minimal Budget

  Scaffolding in
  Information Search:
  Effects on Less
  Experienced Searchers

  The Structuring of
  Information Through
  Search: Sorting Waste
  With Google

  Where Did the
  Reference Desk Go?
  Transforming Staff
  and Space to Meet
  User Needs

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