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  Deconstructing the
  Learning Commons:
  Understanding How to
  Engage Digital

Featured Library

  Your library could be
  profiled here!

Featured Book

  Job Stress and the
  Librarian: Coping
  Strategies from the

A Bit of Bytes

  The Anatomy of Size
  and Memory

Featured Articles

  Achieving a Work–Life

  Buffering the
  Negative Effects of
  Surface Acting: The
  Moderating Role of
  Supervisor Support in

  CHORUS – A Solution
  for Public Access

  Content Curation:
  The future of

  Finally, a
  Breakthrough for
  Ebooks - Let the
  Library Deluge Begin!

  The Impact of Reading
  for Pleasure on Blind
  and Partially Sighted
  Adults and Its
  Implications for
  Materials Provision

  Leveraging Apps for
  Research and
  Learning: A Survey of
  Canadian Academic

  Managing Work-Life
  Boundaries with
  Mobile Technologies:
  An Interpretive Study
  of Mobile Work

  Measures of
  Relationship Capital
  for the Value

  Mitigating Online
  Threats While
  Promoting Scholarship
  Interventions: A
  Study of Young
  People's Technology
  Use, Risky Online
  Behavior, and
  Literacy of Cyber
  Awareness Practices

  Modern Book
  Publishing: Web Sites
  for the Trade

  strategies and
  Utilisation of
  Internet Resources as
  Determinants of
  Research Productivity
  of Lecturers in
  Universities of
  Agriculture in

  Predicting Student
  Academic Performance:
  Role of Knowledge
  Sharing and Outcome

  Social Media for
  Openness and
  Accountability in the
  Public Sector: Cases
  in the Greek Context

  Take Our Data-Driven
  Approach to Staff
  Technology Training

  “Transforming” the
  Rethinking Fair Use
  in Academic Course

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