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  Looking at
  Gamification as a
  Creative Learning
  Process in Libraries

Featured Library

  William A. Wise Law
  Library, University
  of Colorado

Featured Book

  MLA Handbook, 8th ed.

A Bit of Bytes

  Delivery Drones

Featured Articles

  Analyzing Usage:
  Visualizing End-User
  Workflows to Drive
  Product Development

  Beyond Books: The
  Concept of the
  Academic Library as
  Learning Space

  Big Data Privacy: The
  Datafication of
  Personal Information

  Community of Practice
  Application in
  Knowledge Management

  Talent Management:
  Three Perspectives in
  an Academic Library

  Connecting Real
  Learning With Social
  Media ROI

  Creating Solutions
  Instead of Solving
  Problems: Emerging
  Roles for Technical
  Services Departments

  An Examination of
  North American
  Library and
  Information Studies
  Faculty Perceptions
  of and Experience
  With Open-Access
  Scholarly Publishing

  High Density Storage:
  From There to Here
  and Beyond

  Identification and
  Acquisition in SMEs:
  Emergent or Just Ad

  Library Services for
  Incarcerated Persons:
  A Survey of Recent
  Trends and Challenges
  in Prison Libraries
  in Croatia

  A Profession Without
  Limits: The Changing
  Role of Reference

  Relationships among
  Attachment Theory,
  Social Capital
  Characteristics, and

  Research Data
  Repositories: The
  What, When, Why and

  Searching for Talent:
  The Information
  Retrieval Challenges
  of Recruitment

  A Survey of Social
  Science Journal
  Editors for
  Data on the
  Publication Process

  Extracting and
  Customizing Web Data

  Transforming a
  Large-Lecture Course
  Into an Active,
  Engaging, and
  Learning Environment

  Transforming Teacher
  Education with
  Digital and
  Learning and

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