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  Library Facilities
  for Schools Where
  Every Student Has a

Featured Library

  Harriet Cheney Cowles
  Memorial Library at
  Whitworth University

Featured Book

  The Indispensable
  Librarian: Surviving
  and Thriving in
  School Libraries in
  the Information Age,
  2nd ed.

A Bit of Bytes

  Windows XP: The End
  of an Era

Featured Articles

  Academic Opinions of
  Wikipedia and

  The Accidental
  Archivists: Lessons
  Learned from a
  Digital Archive

  Connect, Communicate,
  Collaborate and
  Create: Implementing
  an Enterprise-Wide
  Social Collaboration
  Platform at KPMG

  Firm Web Visibility
  and Its Business

  Fully Engaged
  Practice and
  Emotional Connection:
  Aspects of the
  Perspective of
  Reference and
  Information Service

  Integrating Technical
  Advance in Mobile
  Devices to Enhance
  the Information
  Retrieval in Mobile

  The Issue of ‘Orphan’
  Works in Digital
  Libraries, Especially
  as Treated by the
  Directive 2012/28

  Making the Case for
  Budget Reductions:
  Pierce County
  Library’s FY2013

  Millennials among the
  Workforce in Academic
  Libraries: Their
  Perspective on

  The Predictive Value
  of Disruptive
  Technology Theory for
  Digital Publishing in
  the Traditional
  Environment: A South
  African Case Study

  Shifting to the Cloud

  Social Network
  Analysis of
  Collaborations Across
  Different Subject

  Social Networks and
  Exploring the Quality
  of Domain Knowledge

  Staff Investments for
  High Performance

  Success Factors of
  Knowledge Sharing: A
  Proposed Framework

  What's the Big Deal
  About Big Data

  Why People Use
  Twitter: Social
  Conformity and Social
  Value Perspectives

  Young People and the
  Evaluation of
  Information on the
  World Wide Web:
  Principles, Practice
  and Beliefs

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