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Guest Forum - Susan Fingerman looks at 40 years of her library career, and all the advances and disruptions she adjusted to along the way. Read the article in full text.

Coming next issue: Andrew Hart returns as our special guest!

Tech Talk - Tech Talk columnist Cas Lasowski discusses visual information.Read her newest article.

Featured Library - Your library can be profiled here. Our latest profile is of the John Peace Library, University of Texas at San Antonio. Read the latest profile.

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Featured Book - Francabandera, Laura. Making Library Websites Accessible: A Practical Guide for Librarians. Lanham, MD, Rowman & Littlefield, 2018. 166 pp.

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 JOURNALS in alphabetical order

ACM Queue v.17 #2,   March/April 2019           
Alki: The Washington Library Association Journal v.35 #1,   March 2019    FT       PDF
American Libraries ,   May 2019    FT    s/FT   
American Libraries Direct ,   May 3, 2019    FT       
American Libraries Direct ,   May 21, 2019    FT       
American Libraries Direct ,   May 17, 2019    FT       
American Libraries Direct ,   May 14, 2019    FT       
American Libraries Direct ,   May 24, 2019    FT       
American Libraries Direct ,   May 7, 2019    FT       
American Libraries Direct ,   May 28, 2019    FT       
American Libraries Direct ,   April 30, 2019    FT       
American Libraries Direct ,   May 10, 2019    FT       
Aslib Journal of Information Management v.71 #2,   2019           
Australasian Journal of Information Systems ,   latest issue, 2019    FT       
Awareness Watch Newsletter v.17 #6,   June 2019    FT       PDF
Booklist ,   latest issue, 2019        s/FT   
Cataloging & Classification Quarterly v.57 #2-3,   2019           
Censorship News #130,   Spring 2019    FT       
Censorship News #129,   Fall 2018    FT       
Choice ,   latest issue, 2019           
Code4Lib Journal #44,   5/6/2019    FT       
College & Research Libraries v.80 #4,   May 2019    FT       
College & Research Libraries News v.80 #5,   May 2019    FT       
Communications of the ACM v.62 #6,   June 2019    FT       
Community & Junior College Libraries v.23 #1-2,   2017           
Computers in Libraries v.39 #4,   May 2019        s/FT   
Current Cites v.30 #4,   April 2019    FT       
DESIDOC Journal of Library and Information Technology v.39 #3,   2019           
EDUCAUSE Review v.54 #2,   Spring 2019    FT       
The Electronic Library v.37 #1,   2019           
Ethics and Information Technology v.21 #2,   June 2019           
First Monday v.24 #5,   May 6, 2019    FT       
FOCUS on Global Resources v.38 #2,   Spring 2019    FT       PDF
Georgia Library Quarterly v.56 #2,   Spring 2019    FT       
Global Knowledge, Memory and Communication v.68 #3,   2019           
Health Libraries Group Newsletter v.36 #1,   Spring 2019    FT       PDF
The Horn Book Magazine ,   May/June 2019        s/FT   
ILA Reporter v.37 #3,   June 2019    FT       PDF
In the Library with the Lead Pipe ,   May 2019    FT       
INALJ ,   latest issue, 2019    FT       
INFOdocket ,   May 2019    FT       
Information and Computer Security v.27 #2,   2019           
Information and Learning Science v.120 #3/4,   2019           
Information and Software Technology v.112,   August 2019           
Information Processing & Management v.56 #5,   September 2019           
Information Retrieval v.22 #3-4,   August 2019           
Information Sciences v.496,   September 2019           
Information Sciences v.500,   October 2019           
Information Sciences v.497,   September 2019           
Information Sciences v.498,   September 2019           
Information Sciences v.499,   October 2019           
Information Sciences v.495,   August 2019           
Information Today v.36 #4,   May 2019        s/FT   
The Informer ,   Spring 2019    FT       
Insights: The UKSG Journal ,   latest issue, 2019           
International Information & Library Review v.51 #1,   2019           
International Journal of Data Warehousing and Mining v.15 #3,   2019           
International Journal of E-Services and Mobile Applications (IJESMA) v.11 #3,   2019           
International Journal of Information and Learning Technology v.36 #3,   2019           
International Journal of Information Management v.50,   February 2020           
International Journal of Information Retrieval Research v.9 #3,   2019           
International Journal of Law and Information Technology v.27 #2,   Summer 2019        s/FT   
International Journal on Digital Libraries v.20 #2,   June 2019           
Jinfo #519,   May 23, 2019           
Jinfo #518,   May 9, 2019           
JLIS.it - the Italian Journal of Library and Information Science v.10 #2,   2019    FT       
The Journal of Academic Librarianship v.45 #4,   July 2019           
Journal of Access Services v.16 #1,   2019           
Journal of Digital Information Management v.17 #2,   April 2019           
Journal of Digital Information Management v.17 #3,   June 2019           
Journal of Documentation v.75 #3,   2019           
Journal of Electronic Resources in Medical Libraries v.15 #3-4,   2018           
Journal of Electronic Resources Librarianship v.30 #4,   2018           
Journal of Electronic Resources Librarianship v.31 #1,   2019           
Journal of Information Science v.45 #3,   June 2019           
Journal of Information Science Theory and Practice v.7 #1,   March 2019    FT       
Journal of Knowledge Management v.23 #4,   2019           
Journal of Librarianship and Information Science v.51 #2,   June 2019           
Journal of Librarianship and Scholarly Communication ,   latest issue, 2019    FT       
Journal of Library Administration v.59 #4,   2019           
Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association v.26 #6,   June 2019           
Journal of Web Librarianship v.13 #2,   2019           
Knowledge Management Research & Practice v.17 #2,   2019           
Knowledge Quest ,   May/June 2019           
LIBER Quarterly ,   latest issue, 2019    FT       
Library Hi Tech News v.36 #3,   2019           
Library Management v.40 #5,   2019           
Library of Congress Magazine ,   May/June 2019    FT       PDF
Library Philosophy and Practice ,   latest issue, 2019    FT       
Library Technology Guides ,   latest issue, 2019    FT       
Library Technology Reports v.55 #4,   May/June 2019           
Library Trends v.67 #3,   Winter 2019           
Library Worklife: HR E-News for Today's Leaders v.16 #5,   May 2019           
LIBRES: Library and Information Science Electronic Journal v.28 #1,   November 2018    FT       
LLRX.com ,   latest issue, 2019    FT       
Marketing Library Services v.33 #3,   May/June 2019        s/FT   
MIS Quarterly v.43 #2,   June 2019           
Music Reference Services Quarterly v.22 #1-2,   2019           
New Review of Academic Librarianship v.25 #1,   2019           
New Review of Information Networking v.24 #1,   2019           
Next ,   May 2019    FT       
Notes from the Horn Book ,   May 2019    FT       
Online Information Review v.43 #3,   2019           
Online Searcher v.43 #3,   May/June 2019        s/FT   
Pennsylvania Libraries: Research & Practice (PaLRaP) v.7 #1,   2019    FT       PDF
Performance Measurement & Metrics v.20 #1,   2019           
Public Library Quarterly v.38 #2,   2019           
Public Services Quarterly v.15 #1,   2019           
Publishing Research Quarterly v.35 #2,   June 2019           
RBM: A Journal of Rare Books, Manuscripts, and Cultural Heritage v.20 #1,   Spring 2019        s/FT   
The Reference Librarian v.60 #3,   2019           
Research Information ,   June/July 2019    FT       
Research Library Issues: A Report from ARL, CNI, and SPARC #297,   2019    FT       
ResearchBuzz ,   May 2019    FT       
School Library Journal ,   latest issue, 2019    FT       
Scientometrics v.119 #3,   June 2019           
The Scout Report v.25 #19,   May 10, 2019    FT       
The Scout Report v.25 #21,   May 24, 2019    FT       
The Scout Report v.25 #18,   May 3, 2019    FT       
The Scout Report v.25 #20,   May 17, 2019    FT       
Semantic Web - Interoperability, Usability, Applicability v.10 #4,   2019           
The Serials Librarian v.75 #1-4,   2019           
Smart Libraries Newsletter v.39 #5,   May 2019           
South African Journal of Information Management ,   latest issue, 2019    FT       
SRRT Newsletter #206,   May 2019    FT       
Stephen's Lighthouse ,   May 2019    FT       
Strategic Management Journal v.40 #6,   June 2019           
VINE Journal of Information and Knowledge Management Systems v.49 #2,   2019           
Visual Resources : An International Journal on Images and Their Uses v.35 #1-2,   2019           
Editor's Picks

Featured Articles

Personalizing Professionalism: The Professional Identity Experiences of LIS Graduates in Non-Library Roles, by Melissa Fraser-Arnott in Journal of Librarianship and Information Science, Vol. 51 No. 2 © 2019, by Sage. Reprinted by permission from the publisher.
The study produced the theory of Personalizing Professionalism which found that individuals possess two identities which interact with each other throughout one's career. The first is an internal appraisal of self which represents an individual's assessment of who they really are as a professional. The second is an externally expressed identity, which represents who that individual presents him or herself to be.
Read about Journal of Librarianship and Information Science

A Study of Big Data Evolution and Research Challenges, by Deepak Gupta and Rinkle Rani in Journal of Information Science, Vol. 45 No. 3 © 2019, by Sage. Reprinted by permission from the publisher.
This article discusses the following: (1) big data evolution including a bibliometric study of academic and industry publications pertaining to big data during the period 2000-2017, (2) popular open-source big data stream processing frameworks and (3) prevalent research challenges which must be addressed to realise the true potential of big data.
Read about Journal of Information Science

Academic Libraries and Autism Spectrum Disorder: What Do We Know?, by Gerard Shea and Sebastian Derry in Journal of Academic Librarianship, Vol. 45 No. 4 © 2019, by Elsevier. Reprinted by permission from the publisher.
This paper examines the rising rates of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in children in the United States (1 in 59), and explores the role academic libraries can play in helping college students with ASD.
Read about Journal of Academic Librarianship

Examining Gender Differences in People's Information-sharing Decisions on Social Networking Sites, by Xiaolin Lin and Xuequn Wang in International Journal of Information Management, Vol. 50 © 2020, by Elsevier. Reprinted by permission from the publisher.
This paper provides an enhanced understanding of gender differences in people's decisions about sharing information on SNSs. It advances gender differences research into the use of newly emerged information technology and provides researchers insightful views of the role that gender plays in the social media era.
Read about International Journal of Information Management

Top 10 Ways to Make a Document Accessible, by Jamie Lin in Computers in Libraries, Vol. 39 No. 3 © 2019, by Information Today. Reprinted by permission from the publisher.
Presents 10 ways to ensure your document is accessible and provides a successful user experience for everyone.
Read about Computers in Libraries

Artificial Intelligence Assistants in the Library: Siri, Alexa, and Beyond, by Reina Williams in Online Searcher, Vol. 43 No. 3 © 2019, by Information Today. Reprinted by permission from the publisher.
Discusses library issues raised by artificial assistants that patrons are getting used to using.
Read about Online Searcher

Humanities Scholars and Library-Based Digital Publishing: New Forms of Publication, New Audiences, New Publishing Roles, by Katrina Fenlon, et al. in Journal of Scholarly Publishing, Vol. 50 No. 3 © 2019, by University of Toronto Press. Reprinted by permission from the publisher.
This article presents findings from a national survey of humanities scholars on their attitudes toward digital publishing, the diversification of scholarly products, changing perceptions of authorship, and the desire to reach new audiences.
Read about Journal of Scholarly Publishing

The Degree of Internationalization and the Use of Social Media in Marketing Communication: The Case of SMEs in Poland, by Malgorzata Bartosik-Purgat and Barbara Jankowska in International Journal of E-Services and Mobile Applications (IJESMA), Vol. 11 No. 3 © 2019, by IGI-Global. Reprinted by permission from the publisher.
The main aim of the article is to identify the relationship between the degree of internationalization and social media usage within different forms of marketing communication in foreign markets.
Read about International Journal of E-Services and Mobile Applications (IJESMA)

The Mixed Methods Appraisal Tool (MMAT) Version 2018 for Information Professionals and Researchers, by Quan Nha Hong, et al. in Education for Information, Vol. 34 No. 4 © 2018, by IOS Press. Reprinted by permission from the publisher.
Appraising the quality of studies included in systematic reviews combining qualitative and quantitative evidence is challenging. To address this challenge, a critical appraisal tool was developed: the Mixed Methods Appraisal Tool (MMAT). The aim of this paper is to present the enhancements made to the MMAT.
Read about Education for Information

Health Literacy: An Essential Element of Health Care Professionalism and Resilience, by Terri Ann Parnell and Julie Agris in Information Services and Use, Vol. 38 No. 4 © 2018, by IOS Press. Reprinted by permission from the publisher.
This report discusses the importance of incorporating health literacy into health care professionalism and resilience. The report builds on the move towards competency-based education as a strategy to address health literacy in the areas of professionalism and ethics for healthcare professionals.
Read about Information Services and Use

Impact of Electronic Information Resources on the Mindset of Researchers, by Nazir Ahmad Bhat in International Journal of Digital Literacy and Digital Competence (IJDLDC), Vol. 10 No. 1 © 2019, by IGI-Global. Reprinted by permission from the publisher.
The main purpose of this study was to assess the impact of advent of electronic information resources on some core aspects related to the research activity across agricultural libraries of Northern India.
Read about International Journal of Digital Literacy and Digital Competence (IJDLDC)

Artificial Intelligence, Smart Classrooms and Online Education in the 21st Century: Implications for Human Development, by Ikedinachi A. P. Wogu, et al. in Journal of Cases on Information Technology (JCIT), Vol. 21 No. 3 © 2019, by IGI-Global. Reprinted by permission from the publisher.
The article faults recent attempts at eulogizing the impact of AI innovations in the education sector and on human development. Extensive research is proposed as necessary for contemporary scholars of AI and education technologist before proper appropriation can be made about its gains in education and on human development.
Read about Journal of Cases on Information Technology (JCIT)

Other Articles of Interest

Building Capital at the Library: Financial Literacy Programming and Partnerships by Emily L. Mross and Lauren Reiter (in Pennsylvania Libraries: Research and Practice)
Using examples from public and academic libraries in Pennsylvania, this article will discuss PA Forward Financial Literacy partners, illustrate a variety of programming opportunities, and highlight best practices for library financial literacy programs.

Digital Badges: How Schools and Libraries use Them Today by Emily Rimland and Victoria Raish (in American Libraries)
Shows how digital badges are used in libraries and in education today.

Does Open Access Make Cents? by Ellen Dubinsky (in College & Research Libraries News)
How to measure ROI in institutional repositories and open access.

Investigating Factors Affecting Library Visits by University Students Using Data Mining by Wichai Puarungroj, et al. (in LIBRES)
The study used data to gain insights into library and student data, and why there were so few library visits by students.

Library Systems Report by Marshall Breeding (in American Libraries, p.22)
Reports on the state of the industry and the options available to users of library systems.

Open-Access Monographs: New Tools, More Access by Monica McCormick (in EDUCAUSE Review)
An overview of the current state of open access publishing.

Responsive vs. Native Mobile Search: A Comparative Study of Transaction Logs by Jim Hahn (in Code4Lib Journal)
This paper reports the results of a logfile analysis of users’ experiences with the library catalog search accessed through mobile digital interfaces in the CARLI academic library consortium. The analysis included three months of search logs from two different versions of the library consortium’s VuFind search index.

The State of Academic Liaison Librarian Burnout in ARL Libraries in the United States by Jennifer Nardine (in College & Research Libraries)
This study investigates the incidence and acuteness of occupational burnout in full-time Association of Research Libraries (ARL) liaison/subject librarians in the United States, using the Maslach Burnout Inventory and Areas of Worklife Survey. Findings show that lack of personal agency is the primary contributor to a sense of burnout and that, while many liaisons feel significant levels of overwork and lack of fair treatment, positive correlation between institutional and personal values runs high regardless of gender, time as a liaison, or time spent at a particular institution.

Reports of Interest

Information as an Asset: Today's Board Agenda (a CILIP/KPMG Position Paper)
A joint CILIP/KPMG initiative to encourage a new generation of senior executives and leaders to engage with the strategic value of the information assets in their organisations.