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Featured Book - McKinlay, Jenn. One for the Books (A Library Lover's Mystery). New York, Berkeley, 2020. 320 pp.

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 JOURNALS in alphabetical order

ACM Transactions on Information Systems (TOIS) v.38 #4,   October 2020           
Against the Grain v.32 #4,   September 2020           
Australasian Journal of Information Systems ,   latest issue, 2020    FT       
Awareness Watch Newsletter v.18 #11,   November 2020    FT       PDF
Awareness Watch Newsletter v.18 #10,   October 2020    FT       PDF
Booklist ,   latest issue, 2020        s/FT   
Business Information Review v.37 #3,   September 2020           
The Charleston Advisor v.22 #2,   October 2020        s/FT   
Choice ,   latest issue, 2020           
CLIR Issues #137,   September/October 2020    FT       
Collaborative Librarianship v.12 #2,   2020    FT       
College & Research Libraries News v.81 #9,   October 2020    FT       
Communications of the ACM v.63 #11,   November 2020    FT       
Computers in Libraries v.40 #7,   October 2020        s/FT   
Current Cites v.31 #9,   September 2020    FT       
EDUCAUSE Review v.54 #4,   2020    FT       
Ethics and Information Technology v.22 #4,   December 2020           
Expert Systems v.37 #5,   October 2020           
First Monday v.25 #10,   October 5, 2020    FT       
Global Knowledge, Memory and Communication v.69 #8/9,   2020           
IFLA Journal v.46 #3,   October 2020        s/FT   
In the Library with the Lead Pipe ,   October 2020    FT       
INALJ ,   latest issue, 2020    FT       
INFOdocket ,   October 2020    FT       
Information and Computer Security v.28 #4,   2020           
Information & Culture: A Journal of History v.55 #3,   2020           
Information Discovery and Delivery v.48 #4,   2020           
Information Processing & Management v.58 #1,   January 2021           
Information Sciences v.548,   February 2021           
Information Services and Use v.40 #1-2,   2020           
The Information Society v.36 #5,   2020           
Information Systems v.96,   February 2021           
Information Technology & People v.33 #5,   2020           
Information Technology & People v.33 #6,   2020           
Information Today v.37 #7,   October 2020        s/FT   
The Informer ,   Autumn 2020    FT       
Insights: The UKSG Journal ,   latest issue, 2020           
International Information & Library Review v.52 #3,   2020           
International Journal of Data Warehousing and Mining v.16 #4,   2020           
International Journal of Digital Literacy and Digital Competence v.11 #1,   2020           
International Journal of E-Services and Mobile Applications (IJESMA) v.13 #1,   2021           
International Journal of Information and Learning Technology v.37 #4,   2020           
International Journal of Knowledge Management v.16 #4,   2020           
Internet Research v.30 #6,   2020           
Jinfo #552,   October 8, 2020           
Jinfo #553,   October 22,2020           
Journal of Adolescent & Adult Literacy v.64 #2,   September/October 2020    FT       
Journal of Information Science v.46 #5,   October 2020           
Journal of Information Technology & Politics v.17 #4,   2020           
Journal of Librarianship and Scholarly Communication ,   latest issue, 2020    FT       
Journal of Scholarly Publishing v.52 #1,   October 2020           
Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association v.27 #10,   October 2020           
Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association v.27 #9,   September 2020           
Journal of the Association for Information Science and Technology v.71 #11,   November 2020           
Journal of the European Association for Health Information and Libraries v.16 #3,   September 2020    FT       PDF
Journal of the Medical Library Association v.108 #4,   October 2020    FT       
Knowledge and Information Systems v.62 #12,   December 2020           
Knowledge and Information Systems v.62 #10,   October 2020           
Knowledge and Information Systems v.62 #11,   November 2020           
Learned Publishing v.33 #4,   October 2020        s/FT   
LIBER Quarterly ,   latest issue, 2020    FT       
Library Hi Tech v.38 #3,   2020           
Library Hi Tech News v.37 #9,   2020           
Library Leadership & Management v.34 #4,   2020    FT       PDF
Library Life ,   latest issue, 2020    FT       
Library Management v.41 #8/9,   2020           
Library Philosophy and Practice ,   latest issue, 2020    FT       
The Library Quarterly v.90 #4,   October 2020           
Library Technology Guides ,   latest issue, 2020    FT       
Library Technology Reports v.56 #7,   October 2020           
Library Technology Reports v.56 #6,   August/September 2020           
Library Trends v.68 #4,   Spring 2020           
Library Worklife: HR E-News for Today's Leaders v.17 #10,   October 2020   ,   latest issue, 2020    FT       
Medical Reference Services Quarterly v.39 #4,   2020           
Next ,   October 2020    FT       
Notes from the Horn Book ,   October 2020    FT       
The NYLA eBulletin v.68 #4,   August 2020    FT       PDF
OLA Quarterly v.26 #2,   Summer 2020    FT       PDF
Online Information Review v.44 #6,   2020           
portal: Libraries and the Academy v.20 #4,   October 2020           
Public Library Quarterly v.39 #6,   2020           
Reading Research Quarterly v.55 #4,   October/November/December 2020           
The Reading Teacher v.74 #2,   September/October 2020    FT       
Research Information ,   October/November 2020    FT       
ResearchBuzz ,   October 2020    FT       
School Library Journal ,   latest issue, 2020    FT       
School Library Research ,   latest issue, 2020    FT       
The Scout Report v.26 #41,   October 23, 2020    FT       
The Scout Report v.26 #40,   October 16, 2020    FT       
The Scout Report v.26 #39,   October 9, 2020    FT       
The Scout Report v.26 #38,   October 2, 2020    FT       
Smart Libraries Newsletter v.40 #10,   October 2020           
South African Journal of Information Management ,   latest issue, 2020    FT       
Stephen's Lighthouse ,   October 2020    FT       
Strategic Management Journal v.41 #11,   November 2020           
Texas Library Journal v.96 #3,   Fall 2020    FT       PDF
VINE Journal of Information and Knowledge Management Systems v.50 #4,   2020           
Virginia Libraries ,   latest issue, 2020    FT       
Weave UX v.3 #2,   2020    FT       

Editor's Picks

Featured Articles

Working Through the Pandemic: Accelerating the Transition to Remote Working, by Stephen Phillips in Business Information Review, Vol. 37 No. 3 © 2020, by Sage. Reprinted by permission from the publisher.
Looks at the issue of remote working during a pandemic and beyond.
Read about Business Information Review

Hidden Gems? The Cultural Contribution of Independent Libraries in the United Kingdom and the United States, by Kirsten Loach, et al. in Journal of Librarianship and Information Science, Vol. 52 No. 4 © 2020, by Sage. Reprinted by permission from the publisher.
Demonstrates that independent libraries preserve and facilitate access to a variety of important cultural assets and, while often characterised as 'hidden gems', are proactively working to increase engagement beyond traditional audiences, whilst also making significant contributions to the cultural sustainability agenda.
Read about Journal of Librarianship and Information Science

Faculty Status: The Next Generation Employment Status Preferences Among Millennial LIS Students and New Librarians at ARL Institutions, by Karen Antell and Susan E. Hahn in Journal of Academic Librarianship, Vol. 46 No. 6 © 2020, by Elsevier. Reprinted by permission from the publisher.
This study, which specifically explores questions concerning faculty status and the opportunity to earn tenure, examines the job-status preferences of hundreds of new academic librarians at ARL-affiliated institutions and soon-to-be academic librarians currently enrolled in ALA-accredited master's programs in the United States and Canada.
Read about Journal of Academic Librarianship

Social Capital, Trust and Social Activity Among Librarians: Results of Research Conducted in 20 Countries Across the World, by Maja Wojciechowska in Library & Information Science Research, Vol. 42 No. 4 © 2020, by Elsevier. Reprinted by permission from the publisher.
The research addresses the question of whether libraries as public institutions may prevent the alarming processes of social alienation of individuals.
Read about Library & Information Science Research

Quit Stressing Out, by Sharon Whitfield in Computers in Libraries, Vol. 40 No. 7 © 2020, by Information Today. Reprinted by permission from the publisher.
Explains how to use LibAnswers to build a committee workflow.
Read about Computers in Libraries

The Sound of Music in Search, by Sophia Guevara in Online Searcher, Vol. 44 No. 5 © 2020, by Information Today. Reprinted by permission from the publisher.
Reviews three music search tools and shows how to use technology to identify a tune.
Read about Online Searcher

Continuity of Academic Library Services during the Pandemic The University of Toronto Libraries' Response, by Benjamin Walsh and Hajinder Rana in Journal of Scholarly Publishing, Vol. 51 No. 4 © 2020, by University of Toronto Press. Reprinted by permission from the publisher.
This paper describes the continuity of library services and collections access at the University of Toronto during the period of March, April, and May of 2020 and briefly considers how these services may evolve moving forward.
Read about Journal of Scholarly Publishing

Differences of E-Learning Systems With the Focus on Moodle and Blackboard Systems, by Kresimir Buntak, et al. in International Journal of E-Services and Mobile Applications (IJESMA), Vol. 13 No. 1 © 2021, by IGI-Global. Reprinted by permission from the publisher.
The main objective of this paper is to present characteristics of two most used e-learning systems (Moodle and Blackboard) and provide results of the literature review on the differences of these two systems.
Read about International Journal of E-Services and Mobile Applications (IJESMA)

Education for Academic Librarians in Austria: From the Early Beginnings Up To the Present, by Birgit Horzer, et al. in Education for Information, Pre-press © 2020, by IOS Press. Reprinted by permission from the publisher.
The development of LIS education for academic librarians in Austria is discussed.
Read about Education for Information

Privacy Considerations for Library and Information Professionals, by Qian Johnson in Information Services and Use, Pre-press © 2020, by IOS Press. Reprinted by permission from the publisher.
Briefly describes the six types of privacy put forth by Daniel Solove in his book, Understanding Privacy, and the professional standards held by librarians to ensure that their patrons can access and consume information with little or no observation. It also offers some helpful suggestions for librarians to consider as they work to secure privacy and confidentiality.
Read about Information Services and Use

The Intricacies of Trust in Technology: A Study of the Clash Between Apple and the FBI, by Aditya Mishra in Journal of Cases on Information Technology (JCIT), Vol. 22 No. 4 © 2020, by IGI-Global. Reprinted by permission from the publisher.
The aim of this paper is to demonstrate the intricacies of trust in an institutional setting with the help of a case entailing a clash between Apple and the FBI in a situation that was both politically and emotionally complex.
Read about Journal of Cases on Information Technology (JCIT)

The Method of Evaluating Impacts of Knowledge Management on Job Satisfaction and Intellectual Level of Work, by Jong-Chol Jin, et al. in International Journal of Knowledge Management (IJKM), Vol. 16 No. 4 © 2020, by IGI-Global. Reprinted by permission from the publisher.
This paper aims to propose main facets and indices that characterize knowledge management (KM), job satisfaction (JS), and intellectual level of work (ILW), and introduce a method of determining degrees of their impacts based on explaining their relation theoretically.
Read about International Journal of Knowledge Management (IJKM)

Other Articles of Interest

Can User Experience Research Be Trusted? A Study of the UX Practitioner Experience in Academic Libraries by Robin Bergart and Juliene McLaughlin (in Weave)
Perspectives on the reception of UX research in libraries.

Consortia: An Evolving Landscape by Jill Grogg and Hannah Rosen (in Collaborative Librarianship)
The authors interviewed consortia leaders about changes in library needs occurring over the past several years as well as needs that have emerged since the pandemic.

Licensing for Libraries During the Pandemic by George Machovec (in Charleston Adviser)
Discusses adjusting your licensing needs during the pandemic.

Managing Through the Void: Overseeing a Library Department Amid Personnel Vacancies by Emily Alford (in Library Leadership & Management)
Advice on dealing with employee vacancies.

Middle Management During the Pandemic by Carissa Tomlinson and Danya Leebaw (in College & Research Libraries News)
Discusses the role of middle managers during the pandemic.

Research Libraries, Emerging Technologies—and a Pandemic by Scout Calvert (in EDUCAUSE Review)
Looks at the approaches research libraries should take now, during the pandemic, to maintain the most essential and valuable aspects of their work.

Shared Print on the Threshold: Looking Back and Forging the Future by Susan Stearns and Alison Wohlers (in Collaborative Librarianship)
This report traces the evolution of shared print from localized projects and programs to national and North American networks; in particular, highlighting the formation of federations of previously established shared print programs.

Structuring and Supporting UX Work in Academic Libraries by Shelley Gullikson (in Weave)
This article describes how academic libraries structure and support user experience (UX) work, how different structures and supports affect the UX work that is done, and the impact of that work on users and UX workers.

What Do You Get When You Mix Libraries and Entrepreneurship? The Case of an Innovation Hub at a Large Research Library by Danya Leebaw and Carissa Tomlinson (in Library Leadership & Management)
Illustrates some of the challenges and benefits brought on by inviting a new kind of partner into the library space.

Reports of Interest

Protecting Privacy on Library Websites: Critical Technologies and Implementation Trends by Marshall Breeding (in Library Technology Reports)
Explores the issues and technologies needed to deploy a library website with adequate protections for the privacy of those who visit. Without the implementation of standard encryption components, the online information-seeking activities of website visitors are vulnerable to exposure. Even when a site is properly encrypted, privacy can be circumvented through tracking agents placed on the site for analytics or advertising. Following discussion of the technical issues with implications for user privacy, this report includes the results of a broad study of the state of practice for these privacy-related technologies among public and academic libraries in the United States. This study reveals great progress among these libraries in the strengthening of privacy on their websites, though substantial gaps remain.