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Featured Book - Anderson, Davis Erin and Raymond Pun. Career Transitions for Librarians: Proven Strategies for Moving to Another Type of Library. Lanham, MD, Rowman & Littlefield, 2017. 272 pp.

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 JOURNALS in alphabetical order

Alki: The Washington Library Association Journal v.32 #3,   November 2016    FT       PDF
The ALL-SIS Newsletter v.36 Election Issue,   March 2017    FT       PDF
American Archivist v.79 #2,   Fall/Winter 2016        s/FT   
American Libraries ,   March/April 2017    FT    s/FT   
American Libraries Direct ,   March 21, 2017    FT       
American Libraries Direct ,   March 10, 2017    FT       
American Libraries Direct ,   March 7, 2017    FT       
American Libraries Direct ,   March 3, 2017    FT       
American Libraries Direct ,   February 28, 2017    FT       
American Libraries Direct ,   March 17, 2017    FT       
American Libraries Direct ,   March 14, 2017    FT       
American Libraries Direct ,   February 24, 2017    FT       
American Libraries Direct ,   March 24, 2017    FT       
Awareness Watch Newsletter v.15 #4,   April 2017    FT       PDF
Booklist ,   latest issue, 2017        s/FT   
The Bottom Line v.30 #1,   2017           
Bulletin of the American Society for Information Science and Technology v.43 #3,   February/March 2017    FT       PDF
Business Information Review v.34 #1,   March 2017           
The Canadian Journal of Information and Library Science v.40 #4,   December 2016           
Cataloging & Classification Quarterly v.55 #3,   2017           
The Christian Librarian v.59 #1,   2016           
The Christian Librarian v.58 #1,   2015           
The Christian Librarian v.58 #2,   2015           
CLIR Issues #115,   January/February 2017    FT       
Collection Building v.36 #2,   2017           
College & Research Libraries v.78 #3,   March 2017    FT       
College & Research Libraries News v.78 #3,   March 2017    FT       
College & Undergraduate Libraries v.24 #1,   2017           
Communications of the ACM v.60 #4,   April 2017    FT       
Computers in Libraries v.37 #2,   March 2017        s/FT   
Current Cites v.28 #2,   February 2017    FT       
D-Lib Magazine v.23 #3/4,   March/April 2017    FT       
Digital Library Perspectives v.33 #2,   2017           
EContent Magazine ,   March/April 2017        s/FT   
EDUCAUSE Review v.52 #2,   March/April 2017    FT       
The Electronic Library v.35 #2,   2017           
European Journal of Law and Technology v.8 #1,   2017    FT       
Evidence Based Library and Information Practice v.12 #1,   2017    FT       
Federal Librarian v.33 #2,   Winter 2017    FT       PDF
First Monday v.22 #3,   March 6, 2017    FT       
Georgia Library Quarterly v.54 #1,   Winter 2017    FT       
Government Information Quarterly v.34 #1,   January 2017           
Health Information & Libraries Journal v.34 #1,   March 2017           
Health Information & Libraries Journal v.33 #4,   December 2016           
Health Libraries Group Newsletter v.34 #1,   March 2017    FT       PDF
The Horn Book Magazine ,   March/April 2017        s/FT   
IFLA Journal v.43 #1,   March 2017        s/FT   
ILA Reporter v.35 #2,   April 2017    FT       PDF
In the Libraries #4,   Autumn 2017           
In the Library with the Lead Pipe ,   March 2017    FT       
INALJ ,   latest issue, 2017    FT       
The Indexer v.35 #1,   March 2017           
INFOdocket ,   March 2017    FT       
Information and Software Technology v.85,   May 2017           
Information and Software Technology v.86,   June 2017           
Information Processing & Management v.53 #4,   July 2017           
Information Research: An International Electronic Journal v.22 #1,   March 2017    FT       
Information Retrieval v.20 #2,   April 2017           
Information Sciences v.396,   August 2017           
Information Sciences v.397-398,   August 2017           
Information Sciences v.399,   August 2017           
Information Sciences v.400-401,   August 2017           
Information Sciences v.402,   September 2017           
Information Services and Use v.37 #1,   2017           
The Information Society v.33 #2,   2017           
Information Systems v.67,   July 2017           
Information Today v.34 #2,   March 2017        s/FT   
Insights: The UKSG Journal v.30 #1,   March 2017           
International Journal of Digital Literacy and Digital Competence v.7 #4,   2016           
International Journal of Information Management v.37 #4,   August 2017           
International Journal of Knowledge Content Development & Technology v.7 #1,   2017    FT       
International Journal of Library Science v.15 #2,   2017    FT       
Internet@Schools ,   March/April 2017        s/FT   
Jinfo #466,   March 9, 2017           
Jinfo #467,   March 23, 2017           
The Journal of Academic Librarianship v.43 #2,   March 2017           
Journal of Access Services v.14 #1,   2017           
Journal of Adolescent & Adult Literacy v.60 #5,   March/April 2017    FT       
Journal of Business & Finance Librarianship v.22 #2,   2017           
Journal of Consumer Health on the Internet v.21 #1,   2017           
Journal of Digital Information Management v.15 #1,   January 2017           
Journal of Documentation v.73 #3,   2017           
Journal of Electronic Resources in Medical Libraries v.14 #1,   2017           
Journal of Information Science v.43 #2,   April 2017           
Journal of Information Technology & Politics v.14 #1,   2017           
Journal of Informetrics v.11 #2,   May 2017           
Journal of Knowledge Management v.21 #3,   2017           
Journal of Librarianship and Scholarly Communication v.5 #1,   2017    FT       
Journal of Library & Information Services in Distance Learning v.11 #1-2,   2017           
Journal of New Librarianship v.1 #1,   2016    FT       
Journal of Religious & Theological Information v.16 #1,   2017           
Journal of Scholarly Publishing v.48 #3,   April 2017           
Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association v.24 #e1,   April 2017           
Journal of the Association for Information Science and Technology v.68 #4,   April 2017           
Journal of the European Association for Health Information and Libraries v.13 #1,   March 2017    FT       PDF
Journal of Web Librarianship v.11 #1,   2017           
Knowledge Quest ,   March/April 2017           
Law Library Journal v.108 #3,   Summer 2016    FT       
Law Library Journal v.108 #2,   Spring 2016    FT       
Law Library Journal v.108 #4,   Fall 2016    FT       
Law Library Journal v.109 #1,   Winter 2017    FT       
Library Hi Tech News v.34 #2,   2017           
Library Journal Movers & Shakers ,   March 2017    FT       
Library Life ,   March 2017    FT       
Library of Congress Magazine ,   March/April 2017    FT       PDF
Library Philosophy and Practice ,   latest issue, 2017    FT       
The Library Quarterly v.87 #2,   April 2017           
Library Review v.66 #3,   2017           
Library Technology Guides ,   latest issue, 2017    FT       
Library Technology Reports v.53 #2,   February/March 2017           
Library Worklife: HR E-News for Today's Leaders v.14 #3,   March 2017           
Libri v.67 #1,   March 2017           
Link-Up Digital ,   March 1, 2017    FT       
Link-Up Digital ,   March 15, 2017    FT ,   latest issue, 2017    FT       
Marketing Library Services v.31 #2,   March/April 2017        s/FT   
MIS Quarterly v.41 #1,   March 2017           
MIT Sloan Management Review ,   Spring 2017           
Music Reference Services Quarterly v.20 #1,   2017           
New Review of Children's Literature and Librarianship v.23 #1,   2017           
Next ,   March 2017    FT       
NISO Newsline ,   March 2017    FT       
Notes from the Horn Book ,   March 2017    FT       
Online Information Review v.41 #2,   2017           
Online Searcher v.41 #2,   March/April 2017        s/FT   
Performance Measurement & Metrics v.18 #1,   2017           
Practical Academic Librarianship v.7 #1,   2017    FT       
Primary Source ,   February 2017    FT       
Public Library Quarterly v.36 #1,   2017           
The Reading Teacher v.70 #5,   March/April 2017    FT       
The Reference Librarian v.58 #2,   2017           
Reference Reviews Incorporating Electronic Resources Review v.31 #3,   2017           
Research Information ,   February/March 2017    FT       
Research Library Issues: A Report from ARL, CNI, and SPARC #290,   2017    FT       
ResearchBuzz ,   March 2017    FT       
Scholarly and Research Communication v.8 #1,   2017    FT       
School Library Journal ,   latest issue, 2017    FT       
Science & Technology Libraries v.36 #1,   2017           
Scientometrics v.111 #1,   April 2017           
The Scout Report v.23 #11,   March 17, 2017    FT       
The Scout Report v.23 #9,   March 3, 2017    FT       
The Scout Report v.23 #12,   March 24, 2017    FT       
The Scout Report v.23 #8,   February 24, 2017    FT       
The Scout Report v.23 #10,   March 10, 2017    FT       
Serials Review v.43 #1,   2017           
Smart Libraries Newsletter v.37 #3,   March 2017           
Stephen's Lighthouse ,   March 2017    FT       
Technical Services Quarterly v.34 #2,   2017           
VINE Journal of Information and Knowledge Management Systems v.47 #2,   2017           
Wired West v.20 #1,   2017    FT       
Working Group Connection ,   January 2017    FT       

Editor's Picks

Featured Articles

User Preferences and Library Space at Whitworth University Library, by Paul Ojennus and Kathy A. Watts in Journal of Librarianship and Information Science, Vol. 49 No. 3 © 2017, by Sage. Reprinted by permission from the publisher.
Knowing that understanding a specific library's user needs is essential to effective planning, many academic institutions have undertaken user studies to establish user needs prior to embarking on redesign, or update of library physical space. Librarians at Whitworth University, a small liberal arts college, conducted an online questionnaire of currently enrolled students to appraise current library use and determine potential areas for improvement based on user needs.
Read about Journal of Librarianship and Information Science

Staff Training and Development Programmes and Work Performance in the University Libraries in Ghana, by Mac-Anthony Cobblah and TB van der Walt in Information Development, Vol. 33 No. 4 © 2017, by Sage. Reprinted by permission from the publisher.
This paper investigated the relationship between staff development and job performance of the library staff of five selected universities in Ghana. The paper examined the effectiveness of staff training and development policies, programmes, methods, training needs analysis and the monitoring and evaluation methods of the university libraries in order to establish the effectiveness of staff development initiatives in library and information services.
Read about Information Development

Professional Development: A Qualitative Study of High Impact Characteristics Affecting Meaningful and Transformational Learning, by Ramirose Ilene Attebury in Journal of Academic Librarianship, Vol. 43 No. 3 © 2017, by Elsevier. Reprinted by permission from the publisher.
Changes in the academic library landscape necessitate continual professional development for librarians. The library literature offers a plethora of advice about how to keep skills and knowledge up-to-date in this rapidly changing environment. Yet few large-scale studies have sought to understand the experiences of academic librarians as they seek out and participate in professional development that they consider to be meaningful or transformational to their careers. This study uses a hermeneutic phenomenological approach to understand these types of experiences.
Read about Journal of Academic Librarianship

Vision, Innovation, and Leadership in Research Libraries, by Ronald Jantz in Library & Information Science Research, Vol. 39 No. 3 © 2017, by Elsevier. Reprinted by permission from the publisher.
This study examined the relationship of research library visions, as embodied in a publicly posted vision statement, and the innovativeness of the library. In this study, library professionals rated each research library vision statement based on established attributes and it was found that the resulting vision statement score was positively and significantly related to the innovativeness of the library.
Read about Library & Information Science Research

Laptops Anytime: Meeting Students' Needs for Equipment Loans Through Self-Serve Kiosks, by Gail Johnston in Computers in Libraries, Vol. 37 No. 6 © 2017, by Information Today. Reprinted by permission from the publisher.
How one library solved the problem of providing technology access to all of its students.
Read about Computers in Libraries

Healthcare Resources, Part 2: How to Get Better Decisions, by Tara Breton in Online Searcher, Vol. 41 No. 4 © 2017, by Information Today. Reprinted by permission from the publisher.
Advice for all, librarians included, on getting the best medical information to help us make better, more informed decisions about our healthcare.
Read about Online Searcher

Open Access Strategy for a 'New' University Press: A View through the Stakeholder Lens, by Agata Mrva-Montoya in Journal of Scholarly Publishing, Vol. 48 No. 4 © 2017, by University of Toronto Press. Reprinted by permission from the publisher.
Proposes that a university press should take a hybrid approach to the OA publishing model to ensure diversified funding and income streams, editorial independence, and sustainability. At the same time, the press needs to maintain rigorous peer review, high-quality editing and production, and effective marketing while developing a focused publishing program in areas that are distinctive to the press and strategically aligned with the goals of its parent university.
Read about Journal of Scholarly Publishing

The Impact of Personal and Positional Powers on Knowledge Management Systems, by Vincent Scovetta in International Journal of Knowledge Management (IJKM), Vol. 13 No. 2 © 2017, by IGI-Global. Reprinted by permission from the publisher.
While researchers have identified many of the critical success factors that influence that success, the subconstructs of leader power remains elusive. This study was able to empirically demonstrate the predominate construct of Expert and Reward powers were positive, significant, and consistent across all KMS constructs (leadership commitment to KMS, knowledge content quality, knowledge system quality, and knowledge use).
Read about International Journal of Knowledge Management (IJKM)

Distance Learning for Information Professionals: A Practical, Reality-Driven Model for Postgraduate Education, by Craig Gauld and Patricia Whatley in Education for Information, Vol. 33 No. 2 © 2017, by IOS Press. Reprinted by permission from the publisher.
The expansion of distance learning and an understanding of the benefits it can offer to both the university and the individual has led to the growth of methodologies, pedagogies and models aimed at diversifying and maximising the student experience and increasing student numbers. This paper will address these issues in relation to the establishment of a flexible, but complex, distance learning model developed for the international market.
Read about Education for Information

The Relevance of Health Literacy to mHealth, by Gary L. Kreps in Information Services and Use, Vol. 37 No. 2 © 2017, by IOS Press. Reprinted by permission from the publisher.
This paper examines the importance of health literacy to the design and use of mobile digital health information technology (mHealth) applications.
Read about Information Services and Use

Understanding the Adoption of Voice Activated Personal Assistants, by Abide Coskun-Setirek and Sona Mardikyan in International Journal of E-Services and Mobile Applications (IJESMA), Vol. 9 No. 3 © 2017, by IGI-Global. Reprinted by permission from the publisher.
This study aims to investigate the factors that affect the usage of voice-activated personal assistants (VAPA) which are mobile device applications such as Siri, Google Now, S Voice, Cortana, Alexa, etc.
Read about International Journal of E-Services and Mobile Applications (IJESMA)

Cyber InSecurity: A Post-Mortem Attempt to Assess Cyber Problems from IT and Business Management Perspectives, by Angela Hollman, et al. in Journal of Cases on Information Technology (JCIT), Vol. 19 No. 3 © 2017, by IGI-Global. Reprinted by permission from the publisher.
Looks at a case of a phishing attack at a manufacturing concern, and studies the aftermath.
Read about Journal of Cases on Information Technology (JCIT)

Other Articles of Interest

Assessing the User Experience of E-Books in Academic Libraries by Tao Zhang, et al. (in College & Research Libraries)
Reports findings from an assessment of e-book user experience (search and information seeking) from usage data and user tests.

The Basic Course in Communication, Media Literacy, and the College Curriculum by Evelyn M. Ramsey (in Journal of Media Literacy Education)
This essay argues that the communication studies discipline should make message/media literacy a standard objective of all versions of the college-level basic course. Doing so would help clarify and highlight the importance of the communication studies discipline, as well as encourage a more well-defined perception of communication studies.

Building A Cloud-Based Onboarding Guide for New Academic Librarians by Adam H. Lisbon and Megan E. Welsh (in Library Leadership & Management)
The authors evaluate the onboarding process at their academic library by testing a new onboarding manual that emphasizes building connections with colleagues at the institution and professional development. As a cloud-based document, all Library colleagues could comment and make suggestions, creating buy-in.

In Bed with the Library: A Critical Exploration of Embedded Librarianship at the City University of New York by Nora Almeida and Julia Pollack (in Communications in Information Literacy)
This project considers the efficacy and scalability of embedded librarianship initiatives within the City University of New York (CUNY) library system and presents findings of an original research study conducted in 2015.

It Starts With a Library Card by Jeffrey T. Davis (in American Libraries, p. 24)
Explains how library membership is important to facilitating access to the world around us.

It's A Marathon, Not A Sprint, and Other Lessons for Supporting Librarianship and Motherhood by Alexandra Gallin-Parisi (in Library Leadership & Management)
Academic library administrators may struggle with how best to support librarians who are also mothers of young children. Using both qualitative interviews with librarian-moms and the current literature on how academic faculty balance work and family, this article highlights four key lessons for library administrators to use to help librarian-moms succeed in the workplace.

Jumping Into The Deep: Imposter Syndrome, Defining Success and the New Librarian by Sajni Lacey and Melanie Parlette-Stewart (in Partnership: the Canadian Journal of Library and Information Practice and Research)
This article is adapted from a presentation given at the Ontario Library Association Super Conference, held in Toronto, Ontario, February 1-4, 2017. The goals of this presentation were to recognize and build a shared understanding of how library and information professionals experience imposter syndrome. Through personal experience and research, ideas of imposter syndrome are explored through the lens of new librarians. This discussion included competition in the job market, burnout rates, and social media.

A Practical Starter Guide on Developing Accessible Websites by Cynthia Ng and Michael Schofield (in code4lib Journal)
Provides practical best practices and code to help in the accessibility of the online content and services provided by libraries and public institutions.

Stronger Together: Increasing Connections Between Academic and Public Libraries by Maureen Richards (in Collaborative Librarianship)
Since the library website is now the most common entry point to an academic library, this paper explores the opportunities for building connections between an academic and public library’s resources by hyperlinking to public library resources. Deepening these connections supports the mission of both types of organizations, namely to foster lifelong learning. It also suggests how such virtual collaborations, namely hyperlinking, can be used to set the stage for future collaborations.

Succession Planning Through Mentoring in the Library by Julie Ann Leuzinger and Jennifer Rowe (in Library Leadership & Management)
The benefit to libraries through the use of mentoring in succession planning will be addressed given this will allow the cultivation of more knowledgeable and confident employees.

Reports of Interest

Academic Library Impact on Student Learning and Success: Findings from Assessment in Action Team Projects by Karen Brown (an ACRL Report)
Reports on compelling assessment findings that tell a strong story about the multiple ways that academic libraries are contributing to student learning and success.

Improving Web Visibility: Into the Hands of Readers by Ted Fons (in Library Technology Reports)
Ted Fons discusses actions for libraries to take with regard to content exposure systems, vocabularies, content metadata regimes, and system design approaches that will serve the convenience of the web searcher and thereby contribute to the long-term viability of libraries.