Digital Reference Services, edited by Bill Katz
Provides an overview of electronic reference services and software, and explores the opportunities that real-time digital reference services can offer in a variety of library settings. Experts in the field convey numerous opinions and theory about the growth of this new approach to answering reference questions. This book teaches librarians new methods and techniques for offering technologically advanced reference services to the public.
Includes the topics:
-real-time or “live online” reference services
-the historical development of digital reference services and the role of the reference librarian
-mediated online searches
-how to create a virtual-ready reference collection of elite reference Web sites-includes a list of the top sites available to the public
-how to start and operate a digital reference desk in your library

$49.95 hard. ISBN: 0-7890-2319-9.
$39.95 soft. ISBN: 0-7890-2320-2.

High-Level Subject Access Tools and Techniques in Internet Cataloging, edited by Judith R. Ahronheim
Explores the potential and early development of high-level subject access. It examines Web tools and traditionally maintained library structures that facilitate the automated relation of resources to high-level subject categories based on the descriptive metadata that already exists in traditional library records. It includes a research study of high-level subject browse structures, as well as hands-on reports of actual projects and development activities and an examination of the environment in which demand for high-level subject access arises.

$39.95 hard. ISBN: 0-7890-2024-6.
$24.95 soft. ISBN: 0-7890-2025-4.

Law Library Collection Development in the Digital Age, edited by Michael Chiorazzi and Gordon Russell
This book teaches you how to to build a comprehensive, efficient law collection that incorporates digital technology!

$89.95 hard. ISBN: 0-7890-2022-X.
$39.95 soft. ISBN: 0-7890-2023-8.

The Practical Library Manager, by Bruce E. Massis
This book is an essential primer for new library managers and directors. In addition to providing an overview of the practical aspects of management, it is a vital reference tool for managing your library and its staff. The Practical Library Manager’s informative text and comprehensive bibliographies of print and electronic resources can guide you to solutions to the issues that every fledgling library manager must deal with upon appointment. You'll find up-to-date information on staffing, training, keeping up with new technology, consortia, and more.

$34.95 hard. ISBN: 0-7890-1765-2.
$24.95 soft. ISBN: 0-7890-1766-0.

Database-Driven Web Sites, edited by Kristin Antelman
Don’t depend on static HTML to meet your clients’ demand for information-use Database-Driven Web Sites to help you find the dynamic program that will get the job done with ease. This book contains profiles of successful content delivery solutions in a variety of library situations, from academic to governmental, and covers many associated elements, such as web site redesign, digitization, and electronic access to archival information. Plentiful illustrations and straightforward language will make this book a valuable addition to your collections. This book aims to empower librarians to create new services that would be impossible with strictly HTML-based web sites, so along with advice from professionals, Database-Driven Web Sites offers you practical tips for managing complex projects and includes numerous links to online resources and software.
Preface: Unleashing the Potential of Database-Driven Web Sites
Feature Articles
The Research Wizard: An Innovative Web Application for Patron Service
Archival Content Anywhere@Anytime
Partnering to Build a State Portal: MyCalifornia
Moving Towards a User-Centered, Database-Driven Web Site at the UCSD Libraries
Healthlinks: A ColdFusion Web Application
Appalachian State University Libraries’ Ask a Librarian: A Reference Service for ASU Students, Faculty, Staff, and Alumni
Bibliographic Citation Management Software for Web Applications
Databases to the Web: From Static to Dynamic on the Express
The Internet Collegiate Reference Collection

$39.95 hard. ISBN: 0-7890-1738-5
$24.95 soft. ISBN: 0-7890-1739-3

Impact of Digital Technology on Library Collections and Resource Sharing, edited by Sul Lee
This essential book examines how digital formats are changing libraries today, from the perspectives of librarians, vendors, and library users. Editor Sul Lee is an internationally recognized leader in library administration and management. The expansion of digital collections has been one of the foremost issues in the library field since the early 1990s, and this book addresses important questions about the impact of the digital age.
Whose Good Old Days Are These? A Dozen Predictions for the Digital Age
What Do Digital Books Mean for Libraries?
Taming Disruptive Technologies, or How to Remain Relevant in the Digital Age
Going “Electronic Only”: Early Experiences and Issues
Songs of the Dodo: Information Extinctions, Innovation, and Ecosystem Change
Special Collections Libraries in the Digital Age: A Scholarly Perspective
The Emerging Digital Library: A New Collaborative Opportunity on the Academic Campus
Copyright and Intellectual Property Legislation and Related Activities: New Challenges for Libraries

$39.95 hard. ISBN: 0-7890-1908-6
$19.95 soft. ISBN: 0-7890-1909-4

E-Serials: Publishers, Libraries, Users, and Standards, Second Edition, edited by Wayne Jones
With new contributions and updated chapters from authorities in their respective fields, this book covers publishing, pricing, copyright, acquisitions and collection development, cataloging and metadata, preservation and archiving, projects and innovations, indexing, uniform resource identifiers, and citation.
This essential volume:
-looks at the cost of building and maintaining an e-serials collection
-examines the perspectives of e-serials customers, intermediaries, and negotiators
-presents an updated who, what, why, and when for online serials collection development
-shows how AACR2 can be applied to electronic journals
-examines electronic journals indexing
-provides several case studies, including D-Lib Magazine and ScienceDirect
-includes extensive bibliographies and suggestions for additional reading

$59.95 hard. ISBN: 0-7890-1229-4
$39.95 soft. ISBN: 0-7890-1230-8