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The Knowledge Entrepreneur
by Stan Skrzeszewski

In a knowledge economy, it is most important that creative people with ideas, information skills, experience, and knowledge become engaged in entrepreneurial activity involving the creation and use of new knowledge for community, organizational, and personal development, in addition to developing new products and services. This book helps those who wish to engage in entrepreneurial activity realize that they too can work independently, both as an individual and within an organization.

The Knowledge Entrepreneur introduces the principles, skills, and knowledge required to be a knowledge entrepreneur or "intrapreneur." It outlines the process for developing and implementing business plans and proposals for knowledge-based initiatives. It also offers insight into the nature of knowledge, innovation, and entrepreneurship. For the individual entrepreneur who is just starting to develop a business concept, employees who want to become employers, and for entrepreneurially-minded people working in larger information-related organizations (e.g. libraries and information, technology, and software businesses), this book will be an invaluable tool.

Skrzeszewski, Stan. The Knowledge Entrepreneur. Lanham, MD, Scarecrow Press, Inc., 2005. 168pp.

November 2005 / paper / 168pp.

ISBN 0-8108-5291-8 $25