by Paul D. Healey

In this clearly written and easy-to-understand guide, Healey explains the threat of potential liabilities, and most importantly, recommends how to avoid them. This vital guide clarifies how liability issues differ not only between institutions - public libraries, academic libraries, museums - but also between varying information related jobs like reference librarianship and cataloguing. The book's introduction covers basic issues - enforcement mechanisms, defenses to claims and more and follows with specific theories - negligence, malpractice, defamation and material torts, and more. Also covered are potential sources of claims, and suggestions for actions to take should you be faced with one. Audits, checklists, and sample policies are included for those wishing to further enhance their knowledge concerning a top legal issue among today's information professionals.

Healey, Paul D. Professional Liability Issues for Librarians and Information Professionals. New York: Neal-Schuman Publishers, 2008. 200pp.

9781555706098 $75.