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Library Lifesavers: A Survival Guide for Stressed Out Librarians
by Pamela S. and Tamora K. Bacon

Librarians jobs are getting harder and harder, yet few books exist solely to help them identify and deal with stress. Library Lifesavers: A Survival Guide for Stressed Out Librarians fills that gap. This unique self-help book offers today's multitasking media specialists the ready-to-use strategies, Lifesaver Tools, they need to find balance and stay afloat.

Identical twins Pamela and Tamora Bacon organized their book around the THRIVE theme, presenting six basic tenets:

T - Take Action

H - Hurry No More

R - Read & Regain Control

I - Inspire Yourself & Others

V - Vision - Past, Present & Future

E - Exercise Your Mind & Body

Each section begins with a real-life question, followed by practical advice and hands-on activities to help librarians "renew" themselves professionally and personally. Whether you read the chapters sequentially or randomly , this unique volume may be the difference between sinking and enjoying the ride.

This book offers a survival guide for media specialists who want to THRIVE, not just SURVIVE, in their busy media centers.

Discipline. New and changing technologies. Mounting responsibilities. New things to learn and more students to oversee. With more and more on their plates, today's media specialists are faced with demands for better organization and time-saving strategies. But, take heart, there is light at the end of the tunnel!


· Built around practical advice from two licensed, experienced educators with more than 40 years of combined experience

· Offers a unique plan designed to help media specialists THRIVE, not just SURVIVE

· Includes ready-to-use strategies (Tips) and reproducibles (Tools) to help school library media specialists immediately begin to renew and reflect

· Provides practical solutions for many of the most common sources of professional stress, including discipline, technology, staffing, and burnout

· The "Counselor's Corner" offers helpful, practical advice from a licensed school counselor

· More than 60 ready-to-use reproducibles are accompanied by explanatory narrative to help librarians and teachers (Grades K-12) "renew" themselves and inspire others along the way

· A complete bibliography including all resources referenced throughout the text

· An appendix offering dozens of helpful Internet links

Bacon, Pamela S. and Tamora K. Library Lifesavers: A Survival Guide for Stressed Out Librarians Westport, CT: Libraries Unlimited, 2009. 180 pp.

9781591587682 $35.