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Crash Course in Library Services to People with Disabilities
by Ann Roberts and Richard J.Smith

Authors Ann Roberts and Dr. Richard Smith work at the state level with persons with disabilities. They find that very few librarians feel comfortable with providing services addressed to the needs of the disabled, yet those who do offer services and programs other libraries can adopt and adapt.

Crash Course in Library Services to People with Disabilities will help librarians get up to speed in understanding disabled persons and what they can do to make library premises and holdings more accessible to them. It provides basic information on the different types of mental and physical disabilities a librarian might encounter, then offers a range of exemplary policies, services, and programs for people with disabilities that are in place and working across the country.

This book helps libraries identify and implement new ways to serve their physically or mentally disabled patients.

Persons with disabilities make up the largest minority group in the United States, and with the aging of the Baby Boomers their numbers will continue to grow. It is an audience that will rely on services like the public library, and libraries that do not reach out to disabled persons are missing an important opportunity.


· Encourages librarians to look at people with disabilities in another light by questioning ingrained and accepted attitudes
· Gives librarians a "best practices" manual for improving services to the disabled
· Highlights the commendable work of libraries who have taken significant steps to help their disabled patrons
· Provides assessment tools that help libraries gauge their ability to meet the needs of disabled patrons
· Includes a comprehensive index

Roberts, Ann and Richard J. Smith. Crash Course in Library Services to People with Disabilities. Westport, CT: Libraries Unlimited, 2010. 158 pp.

9781591587675 $30.