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Information Nation: Education and Careers in the Emerging Information Professions
by Jeffrey M. Stanton, Indira R. Guzman, and Kathryn R. Stam

Information and IT are central to virtually every industry in which the United States plays a leadership role-financial services, entertainment engineering, aerospace, medicine, law, agriculture, and dozens of other fields-yet colleges have failed to attract, teach, and produce a new generation of information professionals to meet the growing need.

In Information Nation, three dedicated educators ask, "Why?" They present three years of research on students and workers in the information professions, highlighting barriers to inclusion and retention of U.S. students in information-related fields. They analyze the forces that prevent high school and college students from getting the interdisciplinary skills they need to help the U.S. regain and retain leadership in the world of information-and they tell the stories of a diverse group of students who are thriving in new majors and new jobs that have the potential to revitalize our economy.

Whether you are an educator, school administrator, guidance counselor, parent, or student, Information Nation will provide you with vital insight into the future of the information society along with an understanding of the educational paths and career options available to the information professional of tomorrow.

Stanton, Jeffrey M. et al. Information Nation: Education and Careers in the Emerging Information Professions. Medford, NJ, CyberAge Books, 2010. 256 pp.

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