by Elisabeth Doucett

MLS programs do a good job of teaching the basic skills of being a librarian – how to catalog books, how to clarify a reference request, how to run a story hour. But as any working librarian will tell you, that’s not the half of it. A long-time library administrator, Elisabeth Doucett gives new librarians a full dose of practical advice and wisdom that remains between the lines of most library curriculum, while also teaching seasoned professionals a thing or two. Gleaned from years of hard-fought experience, this book

  • Covers a variety of library topics that are truly relevant to the day-to-day job, such as management, administration, and marketing
  • Shows how librarians can use practical business and organizational skills to do a better job and further their careers
  • Presents information in a grab-and-go format that’s ready to apply in the real world
For MLS graduates just entering the job market, as well as individuals interested in switching gears through promotion or advancement, Doucett offers the inside scoop on what a librarian really needs to know.
Table of Contents


Part I    Helpful to Know Before You Get Your First Job as a Librarian
1.    The Right Job
2.    Planning Your Career
3.    Networking
4.    Making “Librarian” a Brand

Part II    Helpful to Know When You Are New on the Job
5.    Understanding Your New Work Environment: Your Library
6.    Understanding Your New Work Environment: Your Community
7.    How to Manage Problem Patrons in the Library
8.    Managing Confrontation Productively
9.    Public Speaking
10.    Teamwork

Part III    Helpful to Know as You Gain Some Experience
11.    Promotional Marketing
12.    Thinking Like a Retailer
13.    Strategic Planning
14.    Trend Tracking
15.    Facilities Management
16.    Figures and Finances

Doucett, Elisabeth. What They Don't Teach You in Library School. Chicago, ALA, 2010. 160pp.