by Jeannette Woodward

During these tough economic times, more people are relying on libraries than ever before, even as library funding is being slashed or eliminated altogether. The hard truth is that many seasoned librarians are losing their jobs, and many recent LIS graduates are having a hard time finding one. Being unemployed is potentially devastating; without a clear, well-thought out game plan and considerable attention to their own personal well-being, those affected may find it difficult to recover. In this ALA Editions Special Report, Woodward, a veteran librarian with decades of experience, helps at-risk librarians:

--Prepare for budget crunches by showing them how to develop versatile skills and plan ahead for potential changes in employment
--Educate themselves about which library positions are being phased out and which will hold steady or expand
--Adjust their career goals, repurpose their existing skills for non-traditional librarianship, and even search for work in non-library settings

This Special Report provides the compassionate guidance and pragmatic support that librarians will need to survive possible career crises and reenter the job market with renewed confidence.
----------------------------------------------------------- Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Employment Prospects for LIS Professionals
Chapter 2: Hoping for the Best: Recession-Proofing Your Present Job
Chapter 3: Preparing for the Worst: Sensible Precautions for Unsettled Times
Chapter 4: When the Axe Falls: First Aid for Dealing with Sudden Job Loss
Chapter 5: Step by Step: A Job Hunting Primer
Chapter 6: Changing Directions: When It’s Time to Move On
Chapter 7: First Impressions: Applications that Make the Cut
Chapter 8: Composing the Well-Tempered Résumé
Chapter 9: Surviving and Triumphing: Secrets of Successful Interviews

Woodward, Jeannette. A Librarian's Guide to an Uncertain Job Market. Chicago, ALA Editions, 2011. 176pp.