by Sue Polanka

E-books have been around for more than 10 years but are still a relatively new phenomenon to many librarians and publishers. With the introduction of e-book readers, the e-book has become mainstream, with recent triple-digit annual increases in sales. But what place do they have in the library? In this volume, Sue Polanka brings together a variety of professionals to share their expertise about e-books with librarians and publishers. Providing forward-thinking ideas while remaining grounded in practical information that can be implemented in all kinds of libraries, the topics explored include:
- An introduction to e-books, the different types, and an overview of their history and development
- E-book technology: general features of interfaces and e-book readers, best practices for acquisition, data standards, and how to track usage
- Why e-books are good for learning, and how librarians can market them to a wide range of users, as illustrated by case studies and examples

This collection is a must-read for librarians who wish to understand how e-books fit into today’s library. 

Polanka, Sue. No Shelf Required: E-books in Libraries. Chicago, ALA Editions, 2010. 200pp.