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eBooked!: Integrating Free Online Book Sites into Your Library Collection
by H. Anthony Bandy

Want to quickly expand your collection, influence library decision-makers, and make your library a more valuable asset to your community? Making good use of online eBook resources can help you achieve all of these objectives. Digital books and related online sources are here to stay, and all libraries-particularly small and mid-size ones-must be up to speed with these sources and integrate them into their everyday library work.

A comprehensive look at today's online book sites, such as Google Books and HathiTrust, that gives you the necessary knowledge, skills, and resources to get up to speed on these amazing digital resources and use them effectively in the library setting.

Online book sites such as the Google Books project, the Open Library, HathiTrust, and others are transforming our thoughts on just what a library is and does, and expanding the possibilities of what a library can be. Library staff need to be knowledgeable about these sites, but unfortunately many libraries- particularly those in the public arena-do not have the budget or staff time to learn about these sites and integrate them into their library services. eBooked! Integrating Free Online Book Sites into Your Library Collection fills this pressing need.

This book examines four of the largest and most popular free, online book sites. Each is discussed in detail in its own chapter, profiling the service in question, identifying its origins and organization and presenting specific, concrete details that describe how to make effective use its available resources. Screenshots, applicable library scenarios, and sample questions that readers can use to quiz themselves are included. The end of each chapter contains a helpful summary that recaps the main points. Other helpful sites are discussed as well.

• Presents practical, clear, and accessible information accompanied by examples and explanations to help any reader to quickly understand online digital sites
• Includes sample questions, library scenarios, and data points for quick reference
• Supplies in-depth, focused information on today's hottest eBook sites, including Google Books, HathiTrust, the Open Library, the Internet Archive, and more
• Provides thought-provoking explanations and background knowledge to help the library administrator in any strategic or planning process

Sample Topics
eBook Formatting and Practical Library Usage
eBooks and eBook Hardware
Google Books
Internet Archive
Library Administration and Planning
Library Technologies
Online Digital Book Sites
Open Library

Bandy, H. Anthony. eBooked!: Integrating Free Online Book Sites into Your Library Collection. Westport, CT: Libraries Unlimited, 2013. 209 pp.

2013 / paper / 209 pp.

ISBN 978-1-59884-890-8 $45.