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Mobile Technologies for Every Library (Medical Library Association Books Series)
by Ann Whitney Gleason

If you are wondering what mobile technology adoption means for your library or how to get started, Mobile Technologies for Every Library will answer your questions.

-Wondering what the opportunities and pitfalls are of mobile technology use in libraries? This book will answer these questions.
-Thinking of starting a mobile program in your library? Want to improve on existing services or add new ones? This book will answer your questions about platforms, options, security, best practices and more.

The book will preview many useful apps for libraries. Web links and resources are also included.

Chapter coverage includes history and existing types of mobile technologies, mobile devices and supporting technology, ways to provide mobile technology for your users, a survey of currently available apps, ways to use mobile technology for library work, best practices, and future directions. Each chapter is organized by subtopics with tips and examples from real library programs to help you get started.

Gleason, Ann Whitney. Mobile Technologies for Every Library. Lanham, MD: Rowman, 2015. 138 pp.

2015/softbound/ ISBN 978-1-4422-4892-2 $43.04
also available for Kindle - $40.89