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Managing Library Technology: A LITA Guide

by Carson Block

Managing Library Technology introduces library workers (including non-technical managers, tech administrators and even “accidental technologists”) to core concepts in technology management and provides strategies that will enable them to master the basics of library tech. The content of the book is taken from the author’s popular American Library Association -approved Certified Public Library Administrator course, “Management of Technology,” and is geared to the needs of all kinds of libraries.

The book contains easy-to-follow exercises and tools that have been tested in real-world situations with students as they tackled their own evaluation, planning and management challenges. Readers are also given a roadmap to create a technology plan for their library—even if they have no direct technology background themselves.

This book helps library workers understand the underpinnings of technology and how to powerfully manage tech to serve patrons and staff alike. Readers will learn:
  • How libraries fit into the overall technology market
  • Strategies to future-proof library technology efforts
  • Approaches to technology planning that stick – and strategies to keep the plan on track
  • Skills to understand technology investments by understanding the total costs of ownership and the specialized library return on technological investment
  • How to collect and use useful data and statistics without being overwhelmed
  • How to stay current, knowledgeable and comfortable with rapid technological change

Block, Carson. Managing Library Technology: A LITA Guide. Lanham, MD, Rowman & Littlefield, 2017. $36.75. 126 pp.

softcover ISBN-13: 978-1442271814

Kindle ed. - $25.50