by Deborah Halsted, et al.

Libraries have always played a special role in times of disaster by continuing to provide crucial information and services. The Stafford Act of 2011, a federal government directive, designates libraries as among the temporary facilities delivering essential services, making a Continuity of Operations Plan imperative for libraries. Peppered with informative first-person narratives from librarians recounting emergency situations, Halsted, Clifton, and Wilson cover such topics as:

An eight-step approach to developing a risk assessment plan
How to draft a one-page service continuity plan
Information on how to use mobile devices and social media effectively in times of disaster
Sample disaster plans, along with model exercises, manuals and customizable communications

Published in cooperation with the Medical Library Association (MLA), this nuts-and-bolts resource will enable libraries of all kinds to do their best while planning for the worst.

Halsted, Deborah, et al. Library as Safe Haven: Disaster Planning, Response and Recovery. Chicago, IL: Neal-Schuman, 2014. 157 pp.

ISBN-13: 978-1555709730
Kindle edition available.