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Library of Biological Sciences, Indian Institute of Science Library

by Yashwant G. Kanade

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Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru, Karnataka, INDIA


Over the 105 years since its establishment, IISc has become the premier institute for advanced scientific and technological research and education in India. Beginning with 2 departments and 21 students in 1911, today IISc has 39 departments, units, or centres, 3500 students, and about 500 academic and scientific staff, supported by 600 administrative personnel. Out of this population of students, about 2200 are in various PhD programs, almost 900 are enrolled for various Masters degrees, whereas about 400 are registered in the newly established, research oriented, four-year Bachelor of Science (Research) programme, of which the first batch graduated in 2015.

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Biological Sciences, IISc, Bengaluru


Core Research Areas

The Division of Biological Sciences forges important links between basic science and innovative research. It is committed to enhancing frontline studies in almost all aspects of modern biology: Neuroscience in health and disease, Infectious Disease, Structural Biology, Oncology, DNA Repair and Genomic Stability, Systems Biology and Bioinformatics, Immunology, Enzymology, Reproductive and Developmental Biology, Diverse Ecological Studies and so on.


Investigators in the Division focus on numerous processes central to the understanding of life, emphasizing on areas with considerable translational potential, namely, Cognition and Neuronal Reprogramming, Infectious Diseases, Drug and Molecular Design, Diagnostics and Therapeutics in Cancer, Gene Targeting, Genetic Disorders and Genetic Diversity.



Library and Information Sciences

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The B S library serves the Departments of Biochemistry, Bioinformatics, Biological Systems Science and Engineering, Centre for Ecological Sciences, Microbiology and Cell Biology, Molecular Biophysics Unit, and Molecular Reproduction Development & Genetics. It is one of the best libraries for the Biological Sciences. For an organization like Divisional of Sciences with the above mandate, it is essential to build an information system. It keeps track of the latest scientific advances in the field of Biological Diversity and brings it to the attention of decision-makers, specialized technological personnel, field implementers, recipient agencies, etc. The library aims to develop a comprehensive collection of documents that are useful for the faculty, students and research scholars in the education and research activities.


Collection: Books, periodicals, thesis, reports, scientific publications (reprints), maps and non-book materials like CD-ROMs, and audio / videocassettes.

Technology Depots

The e-Granthalaya Software: A Digital Agenda For Library Automation and Networking - is an Integrated Library Management Software from National Informatics Centre (NIC), Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, Government of India. The software has been developed by a team of experts from software as well as Library and Information Science discipline. The software is useful for automation of in-house activities of libraries and to provide various online member services. The software provides built-in Web OPAC interface to publish the library catalog over Internet. The software is UNICODE Compliant thus, supports data entry in local languages. Latest version of e-Granthalaya i.e. Ver.4.0 is a 'Cloud Ready Application' and provides a Web-based data entry solution in enterprise mode with a centralized database for cluster of libraries. e-Granthalaya 4.0 uses PostgreSQL - an Open Source DBMS as back-end database solution. e-Granthalaya 4.0 is made availab in NIC National Cloud for Government Libraries Only on request basis with free hosting of application and databases for online access.


Training Programme

The B S Library offers a training programme in Library, which will provide opportunities for selected candidates in the areas of Information Management. The programme will cover traditional subject areas like classification, cataloguing, library housekeeping operations, library administration and management, as well as IT application in library and information management including digital libraries, digital archives, library automation, networking, and web based services, etc. It would be a tremendous opportunity for young library/information professionals embarking on their careers to get trained in providing information support for diverse areas mandatory to LIS.


Copyright 2017 by Yashwant G. Kanade.

About the Author:

Yashwant G Kanade is a Librarian and his current interests include: Promotion of reading habits in India especially amongst the rural poor; Citation data analysis for life sciences; Information seeking behavior of Ecologists; Use of E-books; Developing Cyber Libraries; Evolution of Information resources and multimedia services for Ecologists; Evaluation of hybrid library based on user satisfaction.

Scientific contribution exceeds 15 research papers published in national and international journals and those presented at national and international conferences and seminars. He is one of the recipients of ASIS&T International best paper award in 2006 at Austin, Texas, USA. He has been training library and information science students and professional personnel.

Library and Information Sciences, 1st Floor, B Wing, Biological Sciences, Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru-560012, Karnataka, INDIA, Phone No. 918022932786; Email:;