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"While we strive 24 X 7 for providing current awareness service to our patrons, this publication offers a similar service to us. I think the sub-title should be: Save the Time of the Librarian."

"I've watched The Informed Librarian evolve over the years and consider it the first source of choice for professional reading."

"I love The Informed Librarian Online! It is a great mix of topics from a wide variety of sources. Every month I find at least 2-3 articles that relate directly and specifically to my own professional development. Often ILO is the first place I see a topic addressed that I didn't even know I was interested in - until I read the article. I particularly like the broad coverage - that is, not limited only to academic or public or special libraries and not always U.S.-centric. I look forward to each issue."

"I always find something useful with every issue. Saves me time and helps me see what's going on in other library sectors as well."

"A very good cross-section of topics covered - very useful for me as a contractor working in a variety of library settings"

"My work is very specialized but I find The Informed Librarian Online very useful for keeping up with the overall picture."

"It's great to be able to skim through articles and find the ones of particular interest to me professionally. I often find articles that I would have otherwise missed out on."

"Wouldn't want NOT to have it!"

"Love the service, keep up the great work!!"

"I just wish there was enough time in the day to read all the interesting material that you provide each month. "

"What I value most about ILO is its function as a portal for me to browse TOCs for a large body of current professional literature. For my own current awareness practice, I much prefer browsing to searching and this is an excellent tool for that approach. "

"Very helpful resource. The tightly focused issue, just enough articles each time, is what I like about it."

"The best thing about ILO is the access to the premium content every month. "

"I am always impressed by the wide coverage and depth of the articles chosen for The ILO - much better than other similar products."

"What I find particularly helpful is the focused selection of articles to read, some of them prior to the article's full publication. I appreciate the targeting instead of a kitchen sink approach where some (database providers, for example) assume that more is best. More simply means more to wade through to get to the gems."

"I use it primarily to keep abreast of journal articles of interest. I couldn't afford to do so on my own (and I'm not part of a library with any subscriptions)."

"I just wish that I had time to look at it more... "

"It is terrific. I can't afford to go to many conferences or subscribe to all the journals, so this is an excellent service."

"It's a great resource!"

"It is great to have when looking for articles on a specific area of librarianship."